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Sulwaan School (Online - Basics)

February 5, 2013


Beginners’ Kit: Basic ‘Aqīdah, ‘Ibādāt and Sufism

Instructor: Ahmad ‘Alī al-‘Adanī

Course Format: 12 downloadable sessions; 3 live sessions

Starts On: 11 March 2013

Length: 12 weeks (= 1 term)

Course ID: IB1-1/2013

Faculty: Islamic basics

Division: Essentials of worship

Department: Basic ‘aqīdah, ‘ibādāt and Sufism



“A novel course which offers beginners a compact but comprehensive bouquet of essential knowledge on the first steps of Islamic life: Correct belief, ritual purity, prayer, fasting, zakāt and the key rudiments of Sufism”

In this course, participants will cover the whole radiant primer on Mālikī fiqh, Ahl as-Sunnah’s ‘aqīdah and Junaydī Sufism, Al-Muqaddimah al-Waghlīsiyyah, along with its elucidating commentary by the inspector of jurists and Sufis, Shaykh Ahmad Zarrūq, and, to complement the benefit, the chapters regarding adhān, prostration of forgetfulness, Jum`ah prayer and zakāt from the recently translated masterwork by al-Qalāwī ash-Shinqītī which expounds on Ibn ‘Āshr’s celebrious Al-Murshid al-Mu`īn.  

At the end of it, their feet will be strongly embedded in the soil of correctly turning to Allah during the first stage of their Islamic life.

Both primers are taught as part of an online course for the first time ever.


Lessons 1 to 7 are from Al-Muqaddimah al-Waghlīsiyyahand its commentary; the remaining five lessons are based on al-Qalāwī ash-Shinqītī’s Mufīd al-‘Ibādi Sawā’ al-‘Ākif fīhi wa’l-Bādī.

The course (which might be repeated in the second half of the year) is priced at $70 all included (= audio files, accompanying notes and personalized correspondence).

Registration starts at once and ends on 10 March 2013.

Payment by EFT, credit card, paypal and suitable alternatives is accepted.

Aspirant participants are urged to book their place, since virtual seats are limited, by writing to

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to the course; Brief biography of the authors (al-Waghlīsī and Zarrūq) and a brief contextual description of their two works
  • Section on the ‘aqīdah

Lesson 2

  • Brief section on masā’il of usūl al-fiqh
  • Ritual purity: Wudū’

Lesson 3

  •  Ritual purity: Ghusl and tayammum

Lesson 4

  • Prayer

Lesson 5

  • Fasting

Lesson 6

·        Sufism (Part one)

Lesson 7

·        Sufism (Part two)

Lesson 8

  •  Adhān

Lesson 9

  • Prostration of forgetfulness

Lesson 10

  • The rulings applicable to the Jum`ah prayer

Lesson 11

  • Zakāt (Part one)

Lesson 12

·        Zakāt (Part two)

·        Zakāt al-fitr

Requirements & Prerequisites

Having al-Waghlīsī’s matn, and either the Arabic original or the English translation of al-Qalāwī ash-Shinqītī’s Mufīd al-‘Ibādi Sawā’ al-‘Ākif fīhi wa’l-Bādī.


The 3 live sessions are held after the 4th, 8th and 12th lessons respectively.

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