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Advocate Abdus-Samad Nana

Sidi Abdus-Samad Nana, a versatile talent who is a qualified advocate, teacher, former school principal, community leader and successful businessman, without whom this site could not have seen the light of day, has had a lifelong involvement with the Din, both its theory and practice, especially in the field of man-to-man transactions.

He has financed, organized, hosted and lectured at several high-caliber and diverse conferences , both at domestic and international level.

He has campaigned long and hard for the creation of grassroots leaderships wherever groups of Muslims might find themselves to be in the world.

Advocate Ahmad 'Ali al-'Adani

Advocate Abu Salif Ahmad 'Ali al-‘Adanî, born in the Yemen, is an Italian Muslim and one of the scholars devoted to the revival of the classical knowledge of Ahl as-Sunnah, in particular the existential legacy of the Islamic West.
He has studied in Tunis, with Shaykh an-Nayfar, the then greatest exponent of traditional Maliki
knowledge together with such as Shaykh al-Akhwah, and a student of inter alia Shaykh Muhammad at-Tahir b. ‘Ashur at the Zaytu
nah Mosque before the interruption of traditional teaching in that lighthouse of authentic median wisdom; at the Bourghiba School for Arabic; and at the Zaytuniyyah University.
He then moved to Cairo, where he studied at Ourman School, at the Dirasat
Khassah in al-Azhar, and at Kulliyyah Dar al-'Ulum (under Dean Muhammad Beltaji) at the Cairo University, including with Dr. 'Abdus-Sabur Shahin, the head of the linguistics department. At the latter institute, he studied, at university level, Arabic and linguistics, tafsir, hadith, fiqh and usul al-fiqh, kalam, si
rah, history and politics, philosophy and Sufism, poetry, prose and literary criticism, and a miscellany of general subjects.
He also passed the American University in Cairo exam on translation and simultaneous interpretation (Arabic-English and vice versa).


Apart from his Islamic credentials, he is an expert in law and legal thinking generally. He has a BA and cum laude LLB (Bachelor of Laws) degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He is an admitted advocate of the High Court of South Africa since 1995. He has practiced as advocate, specialized labour consultant, and private arbitrator, and he has served 8 and 1/2 years at the parastatal Commission for Conciliation, Mediation & Arbitration (CCMA) in South Africa as statutory conciliator, facilitator & arbitrator in labour disputes, ie. basically in a judicial capacity.

He also practices as specialized translator for Italian and Arabic to English, especially in the field of legal, commercial, medical, financial and international political documents.

He has done arbitrations in shari`ah matters in the field of family law, and has long campaigned for the activation of shari`ah judgments on all civil disputes through the use of arbitration mechanisms in South Africa and elsewhere.

He does translations of classical Arabic texts in many subjects. Some are published, and others under print. It is an activity he has engaged in for some 20 years by now.
He is one of the leading world translators of masterworks belonging to the written heritage from the Islamic West.

His translation of the section on zuhd from Imam al-Qurtubi's lovely "Qam` al-Hirs" has been published in Bristol, UK, by Amal Press.

The translation of Shaykh Zarruq's manual on Allah's Most Beautiful Names ("Al-Maqsid al-Asma"), previously available only as an e-book, is currently under print, as part of a project to translate most of Shaykh Zarruq's texts and to establish an International Society for the service of the Zarruqi School broadly, which is intended to be launched in Fez around the spring of 2015.

Here is a link to his available e-works (others are on their way) -

He has set up the first E-publishing house specializing in e-books on classical Islam.
The growing number of titles in its catalogue will also be available on this website.
He is currently working on making those titles internationally available in hard copy format as well, as in the case of Shaykh Zarruq's aforesaid manual

He has founded the portable Sulwan Institute, which aims to function bilingually in both English and Italian. The intention is to revitalize the classical legacy of the Islamic West: A modern, versatile promoter, in the Islamic West, of the pure legacy of Qarawiyyin, Zaytunah, Qayrawan, Zliten, classical Azhar, Timbuktu and Shinqit, in a Muslim ummah torn apart by factionalism and deviations; and to build solid bridges with the brave upholders of classicism in those aforesaid traditional nerve centers of Sunni correctness and balance, so that we can unite the best of the Islamic West under a common banner.

He runs online courses on Arabic, tafsir, fiqh etc according to the madhahib of Ahl as-Sunnah.
He is involved in a scripts for Islamic plays, both storytelling and moot court cases on jurisprudence.

He has participated in conferences and seminars in South Africa on a variety of Islamic topics.

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