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November 6, 2013


Forthcoming books update


It pleases us to announce the latest heart-warming news we received from Ustādh Bradiperr:

The first batch of new works to be published by Hamām Press under his watchful editorial line will include a second combo of translations focused on transactional resurgence.
Only the Muslims calling back to financial, commercial, business and socio-political justice are indeed worthy of belonging to the elite of guidance.

•    Risālah Jawāz Waqf an-Nuqūd on the legitimacy of setting up a trust with money as its property, by the Hanafī polyglot from the Rūm (well-versed in Arabic, Persian and Turkish), author of the renowned exegesis of the Qur’ān (Irshād al-‘Aql as-Salīm ilā Mazāyā al-Kitāb al-Karīm), i.e. Abū Su`ūd al-Effendī, Muhammad b. Muhammad b. Mustafā;
•    I`māl al-Maslahah al-Waqf by the contemporary Mauritanian scholar ‘Abdullāh b. ash-Shaykh al-Mahz b. Bayyah, on facilitating legitimate creative ways to administer trusts (awqāf), investing their revenues, increasing their profitability, and substituting assets thereof with more rewarding alternatives.


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