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May 18, 2013


Prologue (3 km team time trial)


Just before the crescent was astronomically detected in the cosmic womb, while more conservative Muslim auscultators were eagerly awaiting any nascent cry by a pricked lunar creature, we managed to consign the printing press rollers with the summary of the prologue over an empyrean course: egotism, bestiality and destruction

I recently found inspirational material in a trio of themes dealt with by one TV program, Diario Italiano, and two news reports on Italy’s State-owned RAI.
Do not worry as to the fact I might now launch myself into some obtrusively pedantic analysis of doctrinal or post-doctrinal Catholicism. Our close-ups are gorier and more immediately relevant.

The first ignition key was an interesting conversation between a psychologist and a high school class.
The psychologist traced the lineaments of three paradigmatic categories of youth:
•    In the 1960’s, youngsters were on a confrontational path with their fathers, who had emerged from the insane World War experience with exclusive devotion to their Eurocentric dream of bourgeois progress and comfort. The youngster defined himself in contraposition to the father. He rebelled against the meaningless materialism at the root of his parent’s vision. This is, interestingly, the milieu from which the first groups of European and Western Muslims sprang out: an intelligible adolescent stance of anti-conformism, which had to be adopted so as to carve out new paths to the apprehension and experiencing of life.
•    Ideally, the youngster should develop into a collaborative son, a true heir, who tempers and then transcends his former rebellion and matures into a constructive Telemachus. The “far from battle” son of Ulysses and Penelope had, if we remember, striven to capture news about his father’s fate after the Trojan War (without the luxurious benefit of astronomers’ computable data), which father-Ulysses had joined when he was still an infant. With time, Telemachus grew out of resentment about his father’s prolonged absence, and realized that he needed his father’s support in order to establish law in the house and drive away the pressing hordes of Penelope’s suitors occupying their residence in Ithaca. Muslims are not iconoclasts, but spontaneously law-affirming beings who cooperate for the sake of active goodness (birr) and taqwā. We need law, the psychologist upholding the figure of Telemachus stressed in the course of the said TV program.
•    When asked to characterize today’s average youngster in terms of one of the two aforesaid paradigms, he mentioned that he could not be located in either of them. The youth of today was a child-Narcissus, neither a child-rebel nor a child-collaborator, neither an adolescent nor a grown-up human. His parents burden him with their own vicariously projected aspirations, which he is expected to fully realize in his lifetime. They play the same games as his, they dress in his style, and they speak his language. The youth never get a taste of generational difference, and how to master the proper handling of that natural gap. The hierarchy is erased. There is no parental-filial distance. Law and order are evacuated from the house. There is no effort by the youth to elevate his self to the higher adult figure: everything is flattened in this democratic theater. The child becomes a project per se, the sole project worth pursuing by the world as whispered to him by his egotistical self, frozen as it is at the stage of endless childhood. The parents lose their wits in trying to attain the unattainable, that is, vicarious self-fulfillment through their narcissistic child who, as an instrument of Allah’s jealousy, punishes them for having centralized him in the cosmos, above the Creator, and floods them with guilt every time (and that is most of the times) they inevitably fail to enthrone and satiate his measureless ego.  

Naturally, service is the key to re-activate the normal dynamics of human growth, to force the youngster out of that permanent infancy. Taklīf, legal obligation in Islam, is establish early, so that boys and girls turn their attention to serving Allah and the process of learning how to serve fellow humans.
Another spin-off of this devolution is the susceptibility to fall into the opposite extreme, the frantic search for a substitute father, a potent spiritual authority endowed with perfection and vested with unrestricted legislation and decision-making.  
Service cannot be stylized in what we witness these days within Sufi groups and their like, which, mutatis mutandis, are as dangerous as guru-led oriental creeds: for many decades, we have witnessed therein a mystique of “service” which only applied to the privileged guides and their close entourage or inner circles of adepts.
We need it re-established by organic communal networks of Muslim led by genuine men and genuinely supportive women. We are more entitled to claim kinship with “Telemachus” the myth than contemporary disorientated Westerners.



Further stimulation was provided by the words of yet another psychologist, one Vittorio Andreoli, the only difference being that, true to this macabre age, he was a criminologist as well.
He was commenting on the pattern of irrational homicidal fury attested by such episodes as that of a prostrated woman throwing her 3 and 6 years old children from the balcony of her Italian house.
He termed it, clinically, a widespread condition of destructivity: the imploded human who has derailed from Revelatory guidance altogether, and succumbs to the epochal siren’s chant of what the Prophet of mercy, Sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa-Sallam, called endemic harj, feels an acute need to destroy the world, and ends up destroying his own little world.
Allah is in charge of the appointed time of this dunyā, and before it sets in, His creatures first experience their own individual meetings with annihilation.
This growing excitement to try and destroy the world, however, is a sign of deep resentment with the Lord’s management of His worlds.
This destructivity, potentially alive in any human agent of harj, can only flourish within a soil of resentment, so its sole antidote is wholehearted satisfaction with His Decree, ridā, as our savants and authentic Sufi masters name it.



Finally, a news service portrayed the odyssey of Africans who try and cross the borders into the El Dorado of Rūmī materialism, i.e. precisely the self-collapsed dream of exponential Darwinian progress, the march towards mechanistic superabundance of production and consumption, which the children of that society, the pre-Yuppie youngsters from the 50’s to the late 70’s, had revolted against. This self-collapsed dream had at its center humanism = the belief that the Divinity was an irrelevant “creative progenitor” and that the galaxy revolved around man. This Promethean being created avatar-gods who came down to earth in their own form and if need be sacrificed themselves to let humans enjoy their selfish whims unchecked.
Man at the center of the universe was a replication of the child at the center of the nuclear family, whose ceaseless urges and desires were seen to by the drip of parental immolation, as divine immolation sustained the caprices of self-adoring humanity.     

Now these poor Africans trekked northwards from such as the Ethiopian region via Sudan. In Egypt, the professional predators confiscated them and took them to torture rooms (a 20-year old girl whose agonizing cries we heard was subjected to that treatment while the visiting TV crew filmed the surrounding activity). If they paid the customs duty, the transit tax, they could journey ahead in the direction of the Promised Land; otherwise, they were slashed with permanent scars, like the ones we could spot on the back of a young videoed boy, and utilized for the illegal trafficking of organs destined for transplants in the richer West.
Most of these crimes involved Muslim exploiters and Muslim countries sold to the remnants of the same self-collapsed dream of post-war Eurocentrism.
In the past, when Law was a serious affair and Telemachus helped Ulysses inside the Abode of Islam, merciful jihād led to merciful slavery, manumission and post-manumission clientage.
In this lawless world of lawless households and nations, heartless bestiality has replaced that societal ordering across immense behavioural jungles.
Meanwhile, aseptic modernist scholarship, extolled by Muslims all over, yes, even by the Western Muslims who bravely switched from kufr to the light of īmān, tells us, throughout the Masonic Fatwā Councils, that the normative technical position is the full legitimacy of organ donations and transplants.
Dr. Frankenstein has cloned Ithaca fathers and sons, and they are all dancing to nursery rhyme tunes, Muslims and non-Muslims taking part in some oh! so enlightened game without frontiers. 


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