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March 28, 2013


Important announcement

(Refreshing freshness)


We are glad to announce the start of the Sulwān project, worldwide, on a new basis.
It simply refreshes what was always the Muslims’ approach to knowledge, but which has become hit by desuetude as most of victorious classical Islam.

The school offers a unique 4-year program of learning.
This year (and hopefully the other three study seasons, too), it will cost only $20 for all the subjects. The full year covered by the $20 fee runs from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014 CE.

The package includes:
Arabic, tafsīrQur’ānic sciences, basic hadīth, fundamental hadīth-literature, including the study of Muslim’s Sahīh and the Muwatta’, sciences of hadīth, fiqh and legal theory and application generally, including the history of fiqh and its schools, fiqh of ‘ibādāt, fiqh of mu`āmalāt (family affairs), fiqh of mu`āmalāt (proprietary transactions of every kind), fiqh of other mu`āmalāt, including the law of delict and criminal law, testaments and inheritance, fiqh of miscellaneous matters, such as plastic surgery and organ transplants, sports and talismans, dress code and greetings, the root-principles of jurisprudence (usūl al-fiqh), judicial practice, the science of correct beliefs, the Prophetic Sīrah, the Names of Allah, the classical understanding of the Prophet, Sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa-Sallam, Sufism and spirituality in general, political science in Islam and in other traditions, particularly in the post-renaissance West, Islamic history and its relation to both ancient epochs and developments in the non-Islamic areas of the globe, educational theory and practice as elaborated by Muslim thinkers East and West, Islamic literature in all its genres, and its role in originating a leadership of refinement and keen vision, the science of biographies, travel books and the transmission of scholarship, dictionaries and bibliographical aids, hot topics and alternative medicine.

Every subject will be dealt with both broadly and in detail.
What comes with the $20 fee:
The audio files of all the lessons;
The written notes of all the lessons (which you can collect and turn into booklets);
Access to the instructor via e-mail, for questions and answers, explanations and elaborations
+ Access via Skype for specially committed students who need some live sessions.

The $20 fee is payable by Paypal to the following address:
Enrolment is completed on payment thereof and the notification of an e-mail address to which the material must be sent (To date, around 33 lessons in a broad range of subjects from tafsīr to Arabic via hadīth, fiqh, usūl, sīrah, Allah’s Names, politics, ‘aqīdah and Sufism are ready).
The notification should be sent to:

Knowledge cannot be excessively monetized. It is a service, not a business.
It must be easily accessible to its seekers and eligible recipients.
At the same time, if we made it absolutely free, people would not have accorded to it the value it deserves, especially since no travel in a quest for its acquisition is involved in these days of virtual interaction.
Incidentally, the larger the pool of contributing participants, the more technically appreciable would be the means of recording and distribution. Another important point (we already stressed 3 years ago or thereabouts as soon as we launched the site, in its manifesto and elsewhere: We do not ask for donations. We do not rely on charitable tossing of some bones with hard-to-chew pieces of meat stuck to them. Knowledge is neither a business (May Allah save it and save us from that!) nor a beggar. It is an honourable service deserving to be honoured, which has to be fair to all. There will be a rich and steady flow of material reaching participants from 1 April 2013, to coincide with the inauguration of our onsite school and people’s return from their vacation. Participants can pace themselves, prioritize some subjects over others, defer involvement in sections of courses to later times, choose to have a hand at exercises or not, etc.

Please take advantage of the offer and come on board, regardless of your ideological affiliation, since the benefit is huge and the monetary consideration for it minimal.


Abū Sālif Ahmad ‘Alī al-‘Adanī


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