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Solacing Pearls

April 23, 2012

(Sulwān al-Mutā`)

This book by a nomadic Muslim from Islamic Sicily, written originally for an Islamic ruler of 6th century AH, is an antidote to the insanity of this age.
It has everything to perfect equilibrium: Qur’ānic Signs, Prophetic sayings, refined poetry, wise aphorisms, circular tales, animal fables, historical anecdotes, linguistic subtleties, admonishing exhortations.
It addresses the leader or the follower alive in the core of every one of us.
It is a tapestry of life, the low but especially the high.

- Available as a Kindle edition from Amazon (for $9.00) at -

- Also available as pdf (for $7.00) by contacting us at this website or at


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