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Sulwaan School (Onsite)

January 21, 2013

As-salāmu ‘alaykum

Launch of the onsite school


  • Our multi-media institute, Sulwān School, gathers traditional studies and modern analyses, videos and plays, judicial practice and deep human bonding, character-building and skill transfer, seminars and production of literature, among other things.
  • The onsite section consists in a fully-fledged academy, situated in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • It is the first comprehensive academy for learning acts of worship and man-to-man transactions worldwide, let alone with multi-media instrumentality, or integration with effective transfer of entrepreneurial and professional skills, and let alone in its focus on the offspring of the key region of the Islamic West, where the pure Dīn is currently expanding at the fastest pace.
  • Good-quality board & lodging is provided to students.
  • The area is blessed with many nearby mosques and Islamic centers. Whereas Muslims in the West, especially those of more or less recent coinage whose original families are not Islamic, suffer from cumulative layers of solitude and remoteness from brothers-in-faith, whether they live in Ottawa, Antwerp or Buenos Aires, here they will enjoy living in what is effectively a Muslim village equipped with all the necessary amenities of modern life. That is over and above the family spirit radiated by Sulwān School, which is anything but an aseptic and impersonal education institute, be it Cambridge University or present-day Al-Azhar.
  • There is full immersion in all facets of Islamic life: Communal worship (including recitation of the Qur’ān), socializing and leisure, theory and activity, learning and trading.
  • There is full immersion in all the main sciences of the Dīn (Arabic at all levels, tafsīr, fiqh, qirā’āt, history, political science, spirituality and many others), activation of forgotten sunan, especially in the field of transactions and judgments, da`wah programs, alternative medicine (including concrete skill transfer at a professional level), language teaching, and communal initiatives fostering love and brotherhood with most sections of the ummah.
  • Participation by females and adults is acceptable and catered for by special arrangements.
  • South Africa is an ideal location. It is still a “fresh” country. It has ample room for “economic growth”. It is the most tolerant country in the globe in terms of religious and political climate. Its living conditions are not tough like those prevailing in most traditional Muslim countries, yet the cost of living is not prohibitive. It is very much a product of the “West”, and at the same time it is a cross-pollination of Western and more fitrah-imbued civilizations. Plentiful Islamic activity, from social projects to Sufi gatherings, takes place regularly in this much frequented place of destination or transit.
  • Our school is determined to contribute to the triumphant forging of a new nation, the nation of Western Muslims, with a recognizable specific voice in the ummah and a distinct flavour. That is further intended to be a step to the indispensable process of giving birth to a competent and independent leadership of knowledge (and eventually a leadership of authority) made of Western Muslims for the Muslims of the West.
  • Instructors and students will all learn, act, give da`wah and teach through the production of plays and videos, soirees and symposiums.
  • Other facets of school life are traced in the founder’s general introduction to Sulwān School in its dual onsite and online reality, and interested persons are kindly advised to refer to what is stated by him therein.
  • Sulwān School runs a four-year study program. Each school year represents a complete year of study. A year is divided into two school semesters. There are in addition two crash courses spanning two months each, which coincide with the summer and winter seasons respectively.
  • Whatever is mentioned here under in terms of study subjects ought to be read in conjunction with our detailed explanation that much more than just formal learning in its usual shapes takes place at our school.
  • Subjects – Islamic sciences: Arabic at all levels; Tafsīr (including, but not limited to, the entire commentaries of each of Ibn Juzayy, al-Baydāwī and Ibn ‘Atiyyah); Qur’ānic sciences; Fiqh of ‘ibādāt and mu`āmalāt in full; Usūl al-fiqh; General fiqh with all its main aspects, thinking legally, applied fiqh, judicial practice, comparative fiqh; Basic sciences of hadīth and basic ‘aqīdah; The whole Sahīh Muslim with special focus on its legacy in the Islamic West and commentaries on it from Western Muslims; The Muwatta’ in depth; Sīrah and Prophetic shamā’il; Politics and political science; History & biographies; Spirituality; Basic course on philosophy and science; Rhetoric; Literature; Miscellaneous subjects; General course on secular law; General course on medicine and homeopathy, allergy-testing (skill transfer), acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, Shiatsu, Reiki, etc; English for foreigners (with possible room for other languages); Accounting/business economics; Leadership skills; Applied economics: a) How to practice the Islamic transactions on the ground; b) business thinking and the making of successful businessmen.
  • The graduates of the school will be full-rounded chieftains, spokespersons, headsmen and ambassadors of the ummah in general and the Islamic West in particular. Their families, relatives, friends and communities will be swiftly and extensively impacted upon by their authoritative light.
  • We are working to develop “sisterhood” with other institutions (e.g. the Madaniyyah Centre in Paris), as well as periodical visits/conferences + crash courses by Islamic and similar experts from countries abroad, both from the West and the Muslim lands. Eventually, a fully-fledged exchange student program will be implemented.
  • There is combined use of full traditional texts (mutūn) and structured material suited to modern minds.
  • Sulwān School has the great pleasure of hosting the largest Islamic library in Africa south of the Sahara. Students will assist in the process of cataloguing books in print and electronic formats.  They will also be encouraged to create their own journal/magazine broadly linked to their studies and experiences at the school.
  • Sulwān School is putting together a plan to include a prayer hall, a coffee-house for stimulating recreation and inspirational cross-fertilization, as a modern Islamic approach to the Western legacy of literary salons, and a health shop-cum-Islamic bookshop.

Sulwān School
Umm al-Banīn al-Jawziyyah


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