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Sulwaan School (Online)

January 21, 2013


(مدرسةُ السلوان)

Launch of the online courses


  • The online section of Sulwān School, while interacting with the physical onsite institute, is a self-contained virtual space. The truth is one and it interfaces with all dimensions of human life
  • The online program of active study is structured on a 4-year basis, as a proper and fully-fledged academy of learning. The four years are divided into separate annual cycles, and every year is sub-divided into two 12-week (3 months) terms. Courses are, in the main, self-contained units and segments of a whole at the same time, hence they make room for participation by full-time and more casual students alike


  • Registration is now officially underway. It is handled by the secretary of the School, Umm al-Banīn al-Jawziyyah, at
  • The online courses are not offered in fact on an unlimited basis but rather on a first come first served basis
  • Once they are registered as per the applicable terms and conditions, participants will have access to all course content and supplementary material


  • Participants are free to select one or more options: From a single course to the whole package via intermediate choices of baskets of courses
  • An individual course is priced at $50
  • A two-course basket costs $90
  • A three-course basket costs $120
  • A four-course basket costs $150
  • The full six-course package costs $210
  • Sums in such as Euros or British pounds are calculated as the equivalent thereon at the date of payment
  • Advanced Arabic and Hadīth & Applied Interpretation of Texts are two courses offered separately, at $50 each, and are thus excluded from the full package or the intermediate baskets


  • The first term runs from 4 March till 20 May 2013; the second term will begin on 26 August 2013 and terminates on 11 November 2013
  • The Hadīth & Applied Interpretation of Texts course, being a once-off yearly offer, is run separately, from 20 May to 5 August 2013


  • Payment for the selected course(s) is arranged with the secretary of the School, Umm al-Banīn al-Jawziyyah, at It can take place by EFT, Paypal or credit card. The details of the relevant accounts are the same as those listed in respect of registration for the onsite school. Registration for the first term closes on 3 March 2013


  • The initial offerings are the following:
  • 1. Tafsīr with accompanying science-by-science elucidation of Qur’ānic sciences “on-the-ground”, i.e. in the course of the tafsīr itself. It will start with the full tafsīr of one sūrah, as detailed in the course content specific to it -;
  • 2. Fiqh of family affairs, broadly and in detail. It will start with marriage. This is a first worldwide, and a must for men and women, couples and singles, families and individuals, adults and youth. As studies progress, such aspects of the fiqh as foods and drinks, penal law, inheritance, vows and oaths, hunting & slaughtering, sports and miscellaneous matters will also be dwelled upon -;
  •  3. Fiqh of pecuniary and proprietary transactions, from the meaning of wealth and ownership to futures trading, through every single aspect of that jurisprudence (zakāt included), which alone comprises around one-half of the Mudawwanah and similar mother-books in the four madhāhib. This is an absolute first globally. It is designed to furnish participants with knowledge and a sound basis for practice of the transactions -;
  • 4. Usūl al-fiqh (one specific text will be used each term), thinking legally, examination of history, methodological approaches, luminaries, currents of thought and reference works of the fiqh and kindred matters. It will begin with a work on usūl and applied usūl co-edited by my late teacher Shaykh Muhammad ash-Shādhilī an-Nayfar -;
  •  5. Spirituality. In each term, one specific text or subject or master will be utilized / dealt with. The first one will center on Zarrūq’s Qawā`id at-Tasawwuf, fully gone through and elucidated. Each participant will then be gifted the complete pdf of the translated text furnished with explanatory annotations. Forthcoming terms will include spiritual manuals by Ibn Juzayy, Judge Abū Bakr b. al-‘Arabī and other stalwarts of the Islamic West -;
  • As for the sixth course, we offer two alternative options, which are thus expressed as such by numbering them 6a and 6b respectively:
  • 6a. Introduction to all the Islamic sciences: A 12-week unique course giving a taste-in-action of every major Islamic discipline not covered by the other courses, such as history, political science, philosophy, doctrinal sects, biographies, travel books, indexes of teachers, fascinating rarities, literature and dictionaries. In the following study terms, there will be specific courses on such as the science of correct ‘aqīdah. Much more will come later in this umbrella course -;
  • 6b. A 12-week appetizing course on controversial topics shot through with classical understanding and contemporary contextualization: Music; Armed warfare; The niqāb; The meat of Ahl al-Kitāb; Sports; Organ transplants and donations; Slavery; Group dhikr and the hadrah; Apostasy; The approach to the Shī`ah; Demonstrations against a Muslim authority; Women praying in congregation behind a fellow woman. Each subject will be illustrated by concrete issues and quotations from sources -


  • Separately, we offer the aforesaid two courses which are not included in the overall or any intermediate package, namely:
  • I. Advanced Arabic, i.e. a course for people who already have some working knowledge of Arabic. The content will be partly dictated by enrolled participants’ list of requests as to the areas they want to specifically focus on. Syntax, morphology and rhetoric (the book Al-Balāghah al-Wādihah will be resorted to as an aid here) are all covered by this course, which is designed to connect abstract understanding to actual texts. The first request from a prospective course participant is to clarify the source meanings of the augmented verbal forms in Arabic (fa``ala; af`ala; infa`ala; ifta`ala; istaf`ala etc) -;
  • II. An innovative course on traversal of hadīth literature and applied sciences and how Islamic generations derived from the texts of the Law concrete solutions to human problems and issues. This particular course will be offered on an annual basis -


  • The course based on the Waghlīsiyyah and al-Qalāwī’s recently translated explication of Ibn ‘Āshir’s famous primer Al-Murshid al-Mu`īn, called “Beginners’ Kit: Basic ‘Aqīdah, ‘Ibādāt and Sufism”, is offered annually, at $70 all included (with notes and personalized correspondence). It might be repeated in the second half of the year for a new batch of students (= second semester’s intake)


  • The fiqh of ‘ibādāt, basic Arabic (as they are amply covered onsite and by other online educators) and a course entirely devoted to women, female notables and scholars, and women affairs, will only be offered online if enough aspiring participants put forward a request to that effect


  • As we said, each year comprises two terms. Each term consists in a normative 12 recorded sessions + 2 to 3 live sessions (via Wiziq and Skype) per course
  • There will be supplementary written notes, and access for participants to personalized questions & answers within the limit of reasonableness
  • The online Sulwān School will combine the use of classical texts with the methodical approach to teaching & learning which is the hallmark of modern life and the West in particular
  • Every course participant will be granted preferential access to our forthcoming DVD’s and e-conference papers, and a bonus e-book selected from the list set out here under * + the first issue of our luscious e-magazine Sulwān
  • Outstanding monetary credits in favour of a participant from last year will be fully acknowledged in his favour in respect of the present intake  
  • The keywords from our online school, which we would like all participants to share, is: Enthusiasm, mission, vision, real life, growth and genuine interaction


Sulwān School

Umm al-Banīn al-Jawziyyah

* List of e-books to be chosen from (pdf’s to be mailed to each participant’s preferred address):

  • Islam’s Judgment on Music – A guided tour to salutary thinking in Islam, juristically and otherwise, at the capable hands of the faqīh, muhaddith, mutakallim and Sufi from Ottoman-ruled “Palestine”, Shaykh ‘Abdu’l-Ghanī an-Nābulusī. The best available exhaustive treatment of this much debated topic of music and singing in Islam (Īdāh ad-Dilālāt)
  • The Lamp That Brightens Darkness – The greatest ever work on Prophetic intercession, by a Sufi-mujāhid savant from the Islamic West, brimful of authentic love
  • Lasting Right Sayings – An enchanting masterpiece from an Andalusian polymath on the five “kalimāt” every Muslim abundantly utters daily and their manifold treasures (Sharh al-Bāqiyāt as-Sālihāt)
  • The Loftiest Goal – Shaykh Ahmad Zarrūq’s lucid manual of instruction and action on Allah’s Most Beautiful Names (Al-Maqsid al-Asmā fī Sharh Asmā’illāh al-Husnā)
  • Solacing Pearls – The most beneficial text on leaders and followers, one of Machiavelli’s direct inspirations but infused with a phenomenal all-rounded Islamic ethos, penned by the Sicilian master Ibn Zafar. One of the indispensable beacons of light in this age of mesmerizing darkness (Sulwān al-Mutā` fī ‘Udwān al-Atbā`)
  • Timeless Filigree (Vol. 1) – A book of literature which plucks every kind of fragrant flower from all terrains for all human categories. Moving, entertaining, uplifting, relaxing, but first and foremost, bonding. By the refined Grenadine Ibn Hudhayl al-Fazārī (Maqālāt al-Udabā’ wa-Munāzarāt an-Nujabā’)  

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