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Sulwaan School (Online - 1)

January 21, 2013

(مدرسةُ السلوان)



Instructor: Ahmad ‘Alī al-‘Adanī
Course Format: 12 downloadable sessions; 3 live sessions
Starts On: 4 March 2013
Length: 3 annual terms / 4-year course
Term: First term (12 weeks)
Course ID: T1-1/2013
Faculty: Qur’ān
Division: Qur’ānic sciences
Department: Tafsīr / ‘Ulūm al-Qur’ān


“A creatively structured plunge into adept elucidation of Allah’s Book and the sciences associated with it”

In this course, participants will acquire and an in-depth understanding of Allah’s Book.
It covers its tasfīr or elucidation and the various Qur’ānic sciences in-action, i.e. as you are engaged in the commentary of a particular section of the Book.
It also encourages participants to read the Qur’ān by the Qur’ān, to connect words, phrases, expressions and sentences one with the other, to group together homogeneous subject-matters, to understand the Book horizontally and vertically, immediately and historically, to relate it to the Law and to modern science, to explore its vocabulary and its unparalleled eloquence (a).
It will additionally comprise a detailed study of Ibn Juzayy’s introduction to his tafsīr on the various ‘ulūm al-Qur’ān (b).

In the course of subsequent study terms, we will inshallāh undertake specific studies on such as the tafsīr of āyāt containing legal judgments, the various schools of tafsīr, generally and in Islamic Spain in particular, Judge Abū Bakr b. al-‘Arabī’s Qānūn at-Ta’wīl and so on.


a. This term we shall look at Sūrah an-Nūr, which comprises 64 Signs.

We will use a wide array of commentaries, other treatises on Allah’s Book, and general Islamic and other works.
We will delve “live” into several sciences of the Qur’ān as we proceed along the elucidation of the said Sūrah.

b. As for Ibn Juzayy’s introduction to his tafsīr, all of it will be comprehensively explicated section by section.

Lesson 1

•    a and b. Introduction about the course; general introduction to Sūrah an-Nūr
•    a. Āyāt 1-8
•    b. How the Noble Qur’ān was revealed; how it was gathered; the use of diacritical marks and the arrangement of the suwar

Lesson 2

•    a. Āyāt 9-17
•    b. The “Makkan” and the “Madinan”

Lesson 3

•    a. Āyāt 18-22
•    b. Sciences of the Qur’ān: Tafsīr and ta’wīl of the Book

Lesson 4

•    a. Āyāt 22-26
•    b. Sciences of the Qur’ān: The different recitations

Lesson 5

•    a. Āyāt 27-30
•    b. Sciences of the Qur’ān: Abrogation

Lesson 6

•    a. Āyāt 31-34
•    b. Sciences of the Qur’ān: Connection to the Prophetic hadīth and recounting of stories

Lesson 7

•    a. Āyāt 35-38
•    b. Sciences of the Qur’ān: Sufism, science of correct ‘aqīdah and usūl al-fiqh

Lesson 8

•    a. Āyāt 39-45
•    b. Sciences of the Qur’ān: Arabic – Syntax, linguistics and rhetoric

Lesson 9

•    a. Āyāt 46-54
•    b. Reasons why commentators differ and how to sift out the best view

Lesson 10

•    a. Āyāt 55-60
•    b. Generational layers of expert commentators of the Qur’ān

Lesson 11

•    a. Āyāt 58-61
•    b. The Qur’ān’s incomparable eloquence  

Lesson 12

•    a. Āyāt 62-64
•    b. Virtues of the Qur’ān

Requirements & Prerequisites

Participants must be ready and willing to open the Book and relish internal cross-references within it. They must interface with the Book.


The 3 live sessions are held after the 4th, 8th and 12th lessons respectively.

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