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Sulwaan School (Online - 5)

January 21, 2013

(مدرسةُ السلوان)

Spirituality: I (Zarrūq’s Qawā`id at-Tasawwuf)

Instructor: Ahmad ‘Alī al-‘Adanī
Course Format: 12 downloadable sessions; 3 live sessions
Starts On: 4 March 2013
Length: 12 weeks (= 1 term)
Term: First term
Course ID: S1-1/2013
Faculty: Spirituality
Division: Sufism
Department: Western Sufism


“A detailed tour of Zarrūq’s indispensable manual on median balance in Islam, Īmān and Ihsān, which is the recipe of success for our fragmented ummah, particularly for the Muslim vanguard in the West”

In this course, participants will achieve a firm grasp of all the essential foundations underlying the Dīn in its 3-tier comprehensiveness emphasized by Jibrīl, peace upon him, outward and inward correctness, sound politics and spiritual enlightenment, worldly and otherworldly success.
They will, at the end of the course, become the balanced leaders of the Western ummah, who can guide their fellow brothers and sisters by being rooted in classical Islam and being equipped at once with know-how to promptly identify, decode and unmask all the deviancies, excesses and maladies which presently torment the body of the Islamic edifice.
This work is the ‘Umarī tool of discrimination between right and wrong for today’s Muslims acting on the Book and the Sunnah. It is the noble sieve of the gold-digger.
Shaykh Zarrūq is the inspector of jurists and Sufis alike, and this text is his supreme authorial achievement, the twin of Ibn ‘Atā’illāh’s Hikam.


Zarrūq’s Qawā`id at-Tasawwuf will be gone through in full and in detail.
References to luminaries, sciences, doctrines, groupings, principles, terminology, reference sources etc in the text will be comprehensively clarified and connected to our vast written or unwritten heritage.
It is thus a course on Islam as a total model of knowledge and action, and on the science of Islam as a whole.

Upon conclusion of this lofty journey of purification, never attempted before in any systematic way, participants will be supplied with a free pdf translation of Zarrūq’s Qawā`id at-Tasawwuf conjoining the text itself and explanatory annotations to it, without which a lot of its secrets will remain imperviously hidden and inaccessible to other than schooled initiates.

There are 217 foundations + a conclusion in the text.

An extract from another work of Zarrūq will provide a coda to each and every one of the 12 scheduled lessons.

Lesson 1

•    Introduction about Zarrūq the person and about Qawā`id at-Tasawwuf
•    Excerpt from Fawā’id min-Kunnāsh

Lesson 2

•    Foundations 1-16
•    Excerpt from Manāqib al-Hadramī

Lesson 3

•    Foundations 17-31
•    Excerpt from Ightinām al-Fawā’id Sharh Qawā`id al-‘Aqā’id

Lesson 4

•    Foundations 32-54
•    Excerpt from Sharh al-Muqaddimah al-Waghlīsiyyah

Lesson 5

•    Foundations 55-75
•    Excerpt from An-Nasīhah al-Kāfiyah

Lesson 6

•    Foundations 76-95
•    Excerpt from ‘Uddah al-Murīd as-Sādiq

Lesson 7

•    Foundations 96-115
•    Excerpt from Usūl at-Tarīqah ash-Shādhiliyyah

Lesson 8

•    Foundations 116-143
•    Excerpt from Zarrūq’s 11th commentary on Al-Hikam al-‘Atā’iyyah
Lesson 9

•    Foundations 144-164
•    Excerpt from ‘Uyūb an-Nafs

Lesson 10

•    Foundations 165-188
•    Excerpt from Tuhfah al-Murīd

Lesson 11

•    Foundations 189-207
•    Excerpt from I`ānah al-Mutawajjih al-Miskīn

Lesson 12

•    Foundations 208-217 + author’s conclusion
•    Excerpt from Al-Wazīfah az-Zarrūqiyyah + Sharh Ghawāmid Hizbay ash-Shādhilī

Requirements & Prerequisites

Access to Zarrūq’s text Qawā`id at-Tasawwuf (preferably in Arabic): The modalities thereof will be laid out to participants prior to the commencement of this celestial course.


The 3 live sessions are held after the 4th, 8th and 12th lessons respectively.


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