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Sulwan - Pearls of Solace

December 24, 2012

Pearls of Solace
Volume 1 – January 2013

The first holistic Islamic magazine (Bi-annually)

This magazine does not intend to promote any grouping, line of thinking, juristic methodology or spiritual trend. It is a drop from the ocean of Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l- Jamā`ah. Whoever is on a voyage through its waters has the right to drink from it.

$5 pdf – Available from
Kindle edition:

Contents of this inaugural issue:


1) To whom does our mineral wealth belong? 2) From Mendel to Monsanto – Food, INC. 3) Shares between fallacy and reality 4) The distortion of the Dīn 5) The millennialism factory 6) An early attempt at unification of worship: Shaykh Ju`ayyit’s fatwā on one planetary Īd 7) Ascending terraces (Sufi miscellany) 8) Noxious notions and the quest for a balanced Dīn 9) Actionable marital harm: Analysis and prognosis (Is a wife suffering harm devoid of remedies in Islam?) 10) Qur’ān-in-action: Muslims are not banks 11) Lordly, cherubic, egotistic or mepistophelian? – The four kinds of thoughts 12) Dribbles of fiqh


13) A pair of dainty antiques (From the first travel book of an Eastern Muslim to America / The invalidation of an official certificate purporting to attest a former Christian’s profession of Islam) 14) Stars of the African firmament (al-Buhlūl b. Rāshid); 15) Andalusian cuisine – A lamb recipe 16) From father to child: Abū Hayyān’s admonishing instruction to his direct offspring 17) Auf ihre Gesundheit - Leech therapy: A modern form of cupping? 18) Daeadalian promenades – Bejewelled picks from our literature 19) Apotropaic pills (Book Reviews) 20) Usāmah b. Munqidh’s Book of Contemplation 21) Unveiling the veil: Is niqāb the only option? 22) Vagabond flakes (A culture consumed by image; Any friend to rent? Is adolescence Islamic? Why not Juhā? Computer games: Just an innocuous “made in Japan?”; Shortening hopes, yes, but which ones?)


23) Comparative fiqh – Asphalt or cobblestone, it is a crosscut to enlightenment (A moot court case on the ritual purity or otherwise of dogs) 24) Qur’ān-in-action 2: Sapient gathering (in French) [Spiritual tafsīr of the end of Sūrah al-Hashr]


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hagar - July 09, 2013 03:35 AM
Assellaam walleykoem. I wanted to ask if it is possible for me to buy this magazine from belgium. How much will it cost me?

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