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Umm al-Qur'an - 1

April 21, 2014


The Exegesis of Sūrah Umm al-Qur’ān

Ibn Juzayy’s At-Tashīl li-‘Ulūm at-Tanzīl


Sūrah Umm al-Qur’ān is also called “the praise belongs to Allah”, the Opener of the Book, the Protector, the Healer, and the Seven Doubled Signs.

It encases 20 beneficial points, apart from those already mentioned in our introduction when explaining the meanings of Qur’ānic words.

There is a scholarly disagreement as to whether it is a Makkan or a Madinan sūrah.

There is no dispute, instead, on the fact that the Fātihah consists of 7 āyāt, except that ash-Shāfi`ī counts the basmalah as one of the 7 āyāt, whereas Mālik excludes the basmalah and counts «an`amta ‘alayhim» as an āyah on its own.

(1st beneficial point)

Reciting the Fātihah in the prayer is compulsory for Mālik and ash-Shāfi`ī, but not for Abū Hanīfah.
The proof adduced by Mālik and ash-Shāfi`ī is his, Sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa-Sallam, statement to the person he was teaching the modality of the prayer to: “Recite of the Qur’ān what is easy.

Tomorrow, Allah the Exalted willing, we will provide a basic explanation of the said passage from Ibn Juzayy’s commentary.


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